This is a special place for those of you who just stick to the great feeling of wearing those Diapies!
I wanted to hear from everyone here what they love the most about diapers. For me, I would have to say the best thing I like about diapers is that whenever I go down the diaper aisle, I feel like I am a baby again and the smell of the diapers and lotion makes me remember when times were a lot less stressful. When I put on my diapers, Bambinos, I just feel like a baby again and all the worries go away and all I am thinking about is my loving mommies from phone a mommy powdering me up and putting me into the fresh diapers.

How about for you?
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By lindasfroggy
I love the feel of the padding all around me. And splashing some baby powder on it makes it that much more special.
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By pinkluvs
When it comes to cloth diapers and plastic panties, I love the feel of a thick cloth diaper being pinned on me, and the sound of a pair of plastic panties being shaken out, and then pulled up over my diaper.

When it comes to disposable diapers that had the plastic backing, I loved the crinkle of the diaper being unfolded, and the feel of the diaper being taped on me along with that wonderful crinkly sound as it was taped snugly on me.

I also love waddling around in just nothing but a diaper and plastic panties. I can't imagine much more fun than that :D
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By Little Stinky Britches
I love all the things that are listed above, and in addition...

I love the feeling of having just filled my pants (diapers) and the sensation of feeling my mother slip her finger into the back of my rubber pants and slowly pull back my diaper and plastic (rubber) pants to see or "confirm" her suspicions about what I just did in my pants.

This sensation of my mother checking my diaper for poop, is always acompanied by her baby talking to me, saying things like, "Goodness, did hims make a big poopie for mommy? Did somebody poop their pants?"
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By MommyJosie
Oh Marty, I just love reading the way you talk about mommy checking your britches. It is the ultimate sign of the love a mother has for her child. When you can get excited about poop, that spells unconditional L-O-V-E.
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By Little Stinky Britches
Thank you so much Josie! :D

And you are so right! It is unconditional motherly L-O-V-E. :D

I'm going to write more about this topic... stay tuned! :wink:
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By TheSitterStacie
I like them because it's a great way to gain the attention of bad little boys and girls who have *accidents* by putting them back in them, of course, they don't like it, but you know what? Too bad.

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By pinkluvs
I just love the baby lotion, the baby powder, and a nice, thick diaper being slid under my bottom and then pulled up and pinned on me. The plastic pants are an added bonus of course! It's all so mesmerizing and exciting!
I think it's time for me to get ready for bed if you know what I mean :wink:
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By Crissy
I'll have to say the absorbancy!
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By Mommy Josie
We all have our choices to make..there are so many out there...but we must find the one that works for us...Josie.
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