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Okay, guys, I'll tell you what happened, but first some backstory.

My aunt and I have gotten along okay for the most part, but I never really had any kind of issues with her until one time when she was visiting. She had asked if she could use my computer (to play games and chat) and I said no problem, but I also let her know thatI was uploading something for my girlfriend (through, asking if she could please leave it open. She said no problem.

Over time, she started to complain that the computer was getting slower and her reason for that happening was the fact that I was uploading something. I told her that I've uploaded things hundreds of times through MegaUpload and it never once slowed down my computer. She then brought my mother into the room and complained the same thing to her (meanwhile, no offense to either, but these two have very little computer experience between themselves compared to the knowledge that I possess) and my mother insisted that was the problem and forced me to shut it down, stopping the upload (and angering my girlfriend).

Another time my aunt was over, I was uploading something else for my girlfriend and made sure to let my aunt know that I was uploading and to not close it. She, again, said no problem. Meanwhile, I left the room for not even two minutes to get a Coke, I come back and she tells me...

"The link closed by itself."

Now, being someone with enough computer knowledge, I know for a fact that the only ways the link could close by itself is if:

1) The page stopped responding
2) The computer crashed
3) There was an unexpected power outage
4) The computer was shut down

Now I don't believe any of these four things happened because of the following reasons.

1) I never overload my pages to the point where they stop responding and close
2) I've never had that happen to least not with that computer
3) If there were an unexpected power outage, my laptop would've been off, too, but it was working perfectly when I came back
4) If she had shut it down or the computer shut itself down, it should've just been starting up by the time I came back

Now, given that she's had reservations about me uploading things while she's playing games (and knowing what I know about computers), it leads me to believe that she closed the link herself.

I'm not really bothered by the fact that she closed the link; what really bothers me is the fact that she didn't tell me the truth. And, since then, I've always kind of felt stand-offish around her.

Okay, anyway, back to the actual reason I posted this...Christmas Eve.

My aunt, my mom, my cousin and her boyfriend all went out to dinner at Mandarin (for those of you who aren't familiar, it's a restaurant that, not only has Chinese food, but Americanized food as well and they do it buffet-style). My mom and I go there often for birthdays or special occasions, so, while we're not there every week, we still go there enough times a year to make it a special occasion for everyone involved.

Anyway, we were there, we got our reservations, ate, then we exchanged gifts.

I got a card from my mom, a card from my cousin (signed by her and her boyfriend) and my aunt had given me a $100 prepaid Visa gift card.

Now, you guys might be thinking, "Wow, if she gave you a $100 prepaid Visa gift card for Christmas, why are you so angry with her?"

Well, don't'll find out.

She had given me the card and a gift at the same time. I asked her which I should open first and she said the card. After I opened that, I opened the gift, but I opened it upside down.

Now, before I say what it is, I should mention thatt, due to the placement of our seats, everyone in our section would have had to walk past our table in order to get to the buffet, so everyone would have seen this at one point or another.

Okay, now I'll tell you what her gift was to me.

Two pieces of white chocoloate...shaped like breasts.

Now I can take a joke as much as the next guy, but I felt (as does my best friend and a few other people I've mentioned this to) that, with a gift of this sensitive of a nature, she really should have given it to me in private.

But she didn't. She practically insisted I open it at the restaurant.

Now I guess it's partly my fault for turning them over since, after I finished them, I saw the bottom of the box and they said what they were, so, had I been thinking clearly enough, I would've read the bottom of the box and thanked her for the gift. Then, when she insisted I turn it over, I would've simply declined.

I told my mother about what my aunt did (telling her that I think she deliberately embarrassed me) and my mom is completely adamant that my aunt did it completely by accident, not anticipating my reaction whatsoever.

The thing that really frosts me about this whole thing is that not once did she apologize for making me feel the way that I did.

Had she given me the gift among family only, I can assure you I would've been less angry with the situation than I am right now.

Thanks for reading this, everybody! :) I hope you're all having a good New Year!
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By bobbynaughty1
Sorry to hear about that. I've been abused by relatives also,and my response has been to cut them off until they have the guts to admit that they may have been wrong.
I hope your New Year goes better.
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By Diapers4Ever
Thanks for the support! :) The good news is, with the exception of that small issue, my New Year's been going very well! :D
By MommieSara
I am very Happy to hear that Diaper4ever!
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By Diapers4Ever
Thanks, MommieSara! :) And the even better news is that my aunt had flown back home yesterday morning! :D

Yay!!! :)
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By DommyMommyScarlet
I can see where it would be funny among close friends or family but uncomfortable in public. Did she get anything similar for anyone else at the gathering? Glad to hear your New Year is getting better.
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By Diapers4Ever
DommyMommyScarlet wrote:I can see where it would be funny among close friends or family but uncomfortable in public.
Totally! And the stupid thing is she didn't even realize she did anything wrong. :(
DommyMommyScarlet wrote:Did she get anything similar for anyone else at the gathering?
Nope, everyone else got normal gifts; cards, clothes, etc.
DommyMommyScarlet wrote:Glad to hear your New Year is getting better.
Thanks! :) Well, I did send her a message on her Facebook account, lettting her know how I felt and, while she makes clear she didn't realize she did anything wrong and while she claims nothing like this will happen again, I find it interesting that, in her message, she never formally apologized. All she said was "I'm sorry you were upset by it", not "I'm sorry I upset you".

I know I'm probably being real nitpicky, but, to me, something like this requires very specific phrasing to properly make ones point.

Thanks for the reply and I hope your New Year's going well, too! :)
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By pinkluvs
You should consider getting her a cake shaped in the form of penis, and insist she open it in a public setting. What's good for the goose is good for the gander I always say! :twisted:
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