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By ritzcritz
It was a night in April when we were getting heavy showers all week consecutively every night and Jame's mom and their neighbor Mrs.Binkly we're having a usually chat. Mrs.Binkly lived by herself for years due to the fact that her husband had passed away about 15 years prior so Jame's mother was good friends with her so that she wouldn't get lonely. She was a much older woman than Jame's mom, she was also a much bigger woman as well.
A normal night like no other, until my Jame's mom called him into the kitchen to ask me something. "You know, it would be very nice if you were to stay over Mrs.Binkly's house tonight, she would love for you to keep her company." But mommmm "you know what, you're going to do it no questions asked". Seeing as James was particularly tiny for his age, He usually never argued with anyone because of his size he got easily intimidated.
"We're going to have so much fun Jame's!" Mrs.Binkley said as they walked into her house. James wasn't too excited, but seeing as he was a boy and she was what could be considered elderly, he made sure not to show how unamused he was. "You go watch my tv while I get your room prepared for later. He watched Nick at Night for a good half hour before he couldn't help but notice that he saw a package of Huggies disposable diapers on a small table in her living room next to a shopping bag filled with various others things that he couldn't quite make out. He assumed maybe she babysat or it could be for her grandchildren, it wasn't really any concern to him.
Mrs.Binkley then asked if James could come upstairs so she could show him something.

I've left the story off her because i'd someone else to pick it up where I left off, I'd like to see where you take the story.
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By pinkluvs
What James saw when he went upstairs was a bathroom and a bathtub full of bubblebath.

"Okay you little cutie, let's get you in the bath." James was hesitant, but Mrs. Binkley was insistent. "Let's get these clothes off you, and get you in the bathtub". James resisted at first, but Mrs. Binkley was busy stripping James's clothes off of him and soon had him in a nice warm bath. He rather liked this!

Mrs. Binkley scrubbed James head to toe. "My, what a dirty little boy!" "I figured it would take a week to get this dirt off of you." James was a little weirded-out, but a bath was a bath. So he went along with it.

"Okay kiddo, let's get you dried off". And with that Mrs. Binkley produced a large white fluffy towel and proceeded to dry James off. No one had given him a bath like this in a long time. He also thought Mrs. Binkley was pretty cool, so he didn't mind so much. Mrs. Binkley dried off James thoroughly, and then picked him up and placed him on her hip. Now James was wondering. "What's up with this?" he thought.

Mrs. Binkley carried James into a spare room. To James's surprise, this room had a nursery theme. Before James could even protest, his butt was put down on the changing table. "hey what are you doing?", Said James. Mrs. Binkley just smiled and told him not to worry.

James could smell the baby lotion and the baby powder in the room. It was then that Mrs. Binkley grabbed James by the ankles and pushed his legs back exposing his bottom. She then began to apply a liberal amount of baby lotion on his tushie. This became all very surreal to James as she lowered his butt and baby lotioned the rest of him. She then repeated the process by baby powdering his bottom and also the rest of him.

"Okay baby, time for your diaper!" James couldn't believe what he was seeing. She was holding and unfolding a pink plastic baby-diaper. He began to protest, but she told him to hush. She slid the diaper under him, and pulled the front of the diaper up between his legs and over him. She gently taped both sides of the diaper on him.

James was strangely excited, but also embarrassed. Mrs. Binkley could tell because his face was red. "Aww, that's okay little one, you don't have to be embarrassed. Lots of boys wear diapers". With the snug diaper around his waist and the crinkling sound it made when he moved, James felt oddly pacified. He was actually enjoying this!

Mrs. Binkley could tell. She smiled, and picked him up off the changing table and placed him on her hip again and carried him to the living room so he could watch some TV before bedtime.

Okay ritzcritz, this is where you take over. :-)
I figure I did my job. Let's see where you go from here :-)
I took liberty with the color of the diaper. Hope you don't mind!
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