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By ricochet8
I wear cloth diapers that are 36" X 36" and I use the angel fold which is flared out at one end. Should I put the diaper insert in first then fold the actual diaper over in thirds then pin it on or should I fan the diaper out first then just lay the diaper insert on top then pin the diaper on? Sounds like the diaper insert for thickness at nighttime should just be placed in the diaper on top of the angel fold. Let me know. I feel the diaper insert laying on top will keep the diaper from unfolding. My email is:



Baby Ray
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By Mommy Josie
Baby Ray I think putting th insert after you do the fold would work well especially like you said that does hold the fold together...but I have done it both ways...so just try it and see how it works best for you dear...stay dry and be good...Josie... :D
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By Little Stinky Britches
I always double my diapers, either with inserts, or another diaper folded into thirds to act as a doubler/soaker. My mom always diapered babies with double diapers, that's why I love that feel of a thick, soft, comfy double cloth diaper. :D



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