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Seeing that a week from tomorrow it will be Christmas, I wanted to ask you if you think I am going to be on the nice list or the naughty list. What does mommy think? I would love to know. Thanks mommies.

Baby Cammie
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By MommyMaggy
Oh on the nice list Cammie, definitely nice! True, at times you can be naughty, but you always learn your lesson after a good spanking and be the best little boy you can possibly be!

Merry Christmas my honey bunny!!
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By DaddyPaul
You are on my high ten list. And that is not an easy list to be on. I think you will be on the nice list of all the mommies.
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By wkoldnewbornbabyboy
how bout me mommies i am i on the naughty or nice list even though i am a newborn baby
By MommieSara
I can not say newborn, you havent been around enough for us to know!

How do you think you have you been?
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By MommyShirley
How did it turn out babies, were you on the nice list?
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