August 3, 2008
August 4, 2008
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Daddy’s First

Daddy diapers you in the diaper of your choice. I still remember it like it was yesterday my first diaper change for an abie. I was in college on a blind date and everything was going great at dinner and then came the movies where I excused myself to go to the bathroom and she sat there and waited for me to return. As we got up to leave I saw her kind of walking a little funny and could hear a sound of plastic. When we got to her house she asked me if a wanted to come in and help her change because she had an accident. So as I walk in I could still hear that sound and as she dropped her skirt I saw the diaper she was wearing. I came to find out there was a small crowd of adult babies on campus and I was soon the father figure around there and have enjoyed it since then.
Daddy Paul

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