AB/DL Infantilism Phonesex

Diaper Humiliation

Diaper Humiliation- Diaper humiliation is about getting
teased and taunted for wearing diapers. Some adult
babies and diaper lovers really enjoy this type of play.
Being reduced into a diaper dependent person and being
exposed for it to other women is a frequent fantasy with
this type of fetish. Some simply enjoy the being forced into
diapers and then made to sue them. Some enjoy more
babyish acts to happen afterwards, baby talk can be very
humiliating and exciting for these fetishists.

Diaper humiliation can be a roleplay acted out for adult
bed wetters that sexualize getting put back into diapers
by a girlfriend who turns into their caretaker.

Teacher-Student Phonesex with Mommy Scarlet!
By, Mommy Scarlet
Teacher Mommy

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