AB/DL Infantilism Phonesex

Diaper Sissy

Diaper Sissy- a diaper sissy is a male who is a
diaper lover, and enjoys wearing feminine
diapers. Often they like to wear plastic panties
over cloth diapers since they feel more feminine.
I a sense diaper sissies are diaper lovers who
happen to be sissies. Sometimes they are adult
sissy babies, but sometimes they are just sissies
who love diapers. Some diaper sissies like the
element of domination in their play. They like to
be put into diapers and treated as a girl by a
dominant lady or Mommy even.

Sometimes the diaper wearing is also a part of
their humiliation. They may enjoy being forced
into diapers and treated as a little girl and then
being teased about it. Diaper sissies also enjoy
playing and talking with other diapered sissies
or adult sissy babies.

Teacher-Student Phonesex with Mommy Scarlet!
By, Mommy Scarlet
Teacher Mommy

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