When You Need Someone To Care
September 10, 2008
sore red bottoms
September 11, 2008
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Ready to Play

I was soooo ready to play, but Mommy and Daddy had other ideas. Daddy called for Mommy Maggie and me Katie. So I was all geared up and ready to get into fun. They started talking all of this grown up stuff, so I tried to get Mommy’s attention, then Daddy’s attention. Before I knew it Mommy Maggie had me over her knee and my dress was up in the air. I started to cover my bottom, but Daddy stepped in and held my hands. I hate when he does that. Two to one is no fair. I got sent to the corner until they finished their grown up talking. Then they hugged me and played with me too. Next time, I might be more patient.


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