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January 8, 2017
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January 11, 2017
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Sick Little Adult Baby

Aww whats a matter my sweet Adult baby? Are you feeling sick, Whats bothering you? is it your tummy? Aww come here let me feel you forehead. Oh gosh you feel really really warm. Let’s take you to your changing table so I can take your temperature. We walk down
the hallway to your Abdl Nursery and I help you climb up on your changing table and I lay you down on your back first so I can clean up your messy Adult diaper, I have noticed that you haven’t had a stinky diaper in a couple of days so that maybe why you tummy
is hurting. I untape the two tapes on both sides of your diaper and fold it down, Then I take a wipe and spread your butt cheeks and wipe nice and slow. I grab another wipe and wipe your balls and pee-pee. Now time to help you get on your hands and knees, I take
and grab the temperature thermometer  and spread your butt cheeks and stick it in and turn it on, Now baby boy you have to stay really really still. it is 99.8 so your Abdl mommy is going to give you some Tylenol. Since I have you already in this position I am going
to place a few suppository in your bottom, no I know they’re going to feel uncomfortable for a little while but once you make a stinky you will feel better. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!
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