November 18, 2017

Diapered Husband Phone Sex Part 4

Janey  turned and walked deliberately out of the room, down the hallway and into the bedroom. Last check, everything is in place. She took a moment to try and find a character. Firm but loving. She wanted to be careful not to get into a role that she wouldn’t enjoy playing. But, she also wanted to make sure her Diaper Lover  husband was enjoying himself. This was his thing, after all. A moment later he walked into the bedroom. Almost immediately she saw him recognize the  Adult diaper on the bed. He reached for his belt to begin taking it off. She quickly swatted at his hands. “No. That’s your Abdl Mommy’s job tonight. Now, arms up.” He got another of his weird looks on his face. Almost challenging her to take it further. She grabbed them hem of his shirt and pulled it as far up as she could. It was difficult with him being so much taller than her. She turned him and gently pushed him to sit on the bed so she could finish taking his shirt off herself. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #abdl #diaperinghusband #abdlphonesex
November 14, 2017

Diapered Husband Phone Sex part 1

She was sitting there on the couch and sometimes he calls her his abdl mommy because he is an adorable  adult diaper baby She tried to pull her broken focus back into her game. Only to realize she’d fallen behind enough in the level that she wouldn’t clear the bonus score. Sure, that means nothing in the larger picture but it makes her happy. For a moment she thought of finishing the level but she noticed her husband was still standing there in the kitchen.”Seriously. Why don’t you go down to the store and pick us up some snacks? Maybe you’ll figure out what you want to do tonight while you’re out.” She said, trying not to let her mild annoyance show.He thought about this for another moment, then reached down to pick up his shoes. “Sure. You want anything in particular?” He asked.”Something with chocolate.” She started the level over while he finished getting ready to get out the door. He leaned down to kiss her before finally grabbing his keys and leaving. As he left a thought crossed her mind. Was he fishing for something from her? Why couldn’t he just come out a say it? She wasn’t a fan of trying to guess from his extremely subtle hints. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with phone sex mommy #diaperboy #diaperphonesex #diaperlover
October 12, 2017

Sweet Adult Baby Girl Phone Sex Part 1

The crisp material crinkled around her full bottom as she pulled the new  Adult diaper into place around her waiting pussy. As she secured the tapes around herself, a shiver went down her spine, so excited to be back where she belonged. Jenna had gone through her whole day waiting for this moment when she got home. Every customer who complained and every dirty table she had to wipe made her want to cry like the little  adult baby she truly was, but all that stress went away the second she got her diapee on. She went to her little white dresser with the purple flowers that Daddy spend a sunny afternoon painting for her, while she laid happily on a blanket in their private backyard, wearing nothing but her diaper. She smiled at the memory while she picked out a pink, ruffled romper and matching plastic panties. Jenna  brushed her shoulder length hair into tiny little pigtails, the way Daddy likes it. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Jenna 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy #abdlphonesex #abdldaddy #abdl
October 9, 2017

Abdl Punishment Phone Sex!

So crawl to me and tell me what a naughty boy you have been since I have talked to you last! And you know this session is a abdl punishment session. How many times did you make cummies outside of that pathetic adult diaper? Hm?  And how many times did you forget to wear your adult diaper? Wow that is so sad! And last but not least how many out of diaper accident did you have you had? So the first part of your punishment will be me putting icey hot all over your balls and then I am going to bend you over my lap and yank down your diaper and pants and give you 60 spankings on each cheek, yes you heard me correctly. I am going to spank that’s adult baby undiapered ass of yours!  And after I am done spanking you I am going to rub some icy hot on the crack of that ass! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #abdlpunishment #abdldomination #dommemommy
October 2, 2017

Forced Abdl Phone Sex Part 1

So this past weekend my boyfriend came into town to spend the weekend with me and something happened that I humiliated him for and i know all of you little adult baby’s out their want to hear what happened!! So I picked him up from the airport and drove him back to my house, of course i was happy to see him. I mean i haven’t seen him for a couple of months. So we went out to eat and I noticed that his pants seemed very baggy, especially for him! But he was just on the plane for a while, so I didn’t say anything about them. He excused hisself and went to the bathroom and when he came back the bulge was gone!  So after we ate we go back into the car and started to drive. And he reached in the back seat and got his bag  and an Adult diaper fell out!  Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Jenna 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy #diaperlover #adultbaby #abdlphonesex
August 31, 2017

Look At That Poofy Adult Diaper

Oh my look how very full that adult diaper is. I be you want me to change you into a nice fresh one don’t you? Oh I bet you do! How ever you have been a really naughty Adult baby and I don’t think you have earned a diaper change just yet, do you? What? Did you just mouth your mommy? Come Here right now, get down on your knees and suck on your dummie, That’s right you lost all walking privileges. Aww What’s wrong? Hm? Did you really think that I was just going to allow your rude wittle back talk? And I am far from done with your little attitude! Crawl over to that corner right now and face it until I tell you can get out! Don’t cry, if you wasn’t a bad little one you wouldn’t be in the corner now would you? Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a  Phone Sex Mommy! #abdl #abdlphonesex #abdlmommy