January 15, 2018

Dirty Diaper Discipline

It’s time for diaper discipline phone sex. You’ve been a very naughty ABDL and it’s time for you to learn your lesson. You think you can just take off your adult diaper whenever mommy isn’t looking? It doesn’t work that way young man! You need to keep that adult diaper on your bottom 24/7 because you and I both know you are no where near becoming potty trained yet! So mommy isn’t about to let you take your adult diaper off so you can go around going potty all over the house. What if you have an accident? Do you even care? No you don’t you just expect mommy to clean up don’t you? Well you know what? Mommy is going to take extra measure to make sure you don’t take off that diaper anymore. I’m going to duct tape it to your bottom! Maybe next time you’ll think before being a naughty dirty diaper phone sex lover. Crissy 888*430*2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #abdl #diaperdiscipline #abdlmommy
January 14, 2018

Dominated By Dr Tawny Phone Part 5

She went into every little dirty detail about the Domination Phone Sex sessions they had had with him (from the emails and his saved photos) and the messages back and forth and even attached the photos she found on Petes profile on FL to try to jog their memories. She’d barely scratched the surface of his profiles, but now categorically knew he was into forced crossdressing, full sissification, that he could easily be forced to suck cock, drink piss and even eat other mens cum. She knew for many aspiring sissies and subs, that eating other mens cum was a very difficult hurdle to jump. That many in her experience, baulked when they were faced with the reality of eating cum or even sucking cock for the first time. Even though they had expressed the desire to do it before a session started. But his case was different, he was in simple terms a slut, a dirty little slut. Absolutely perfect and already experienced at jumping one of the crucial hurdles, she would continue to put in front of him as his training progressed.  Call me for some Domination Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #bdsm #domination #mistress
May 8, 2017

Naughty Time With My Adult Baby

What Is my favorite part of the day you ask? Well I love after a long day of spoiling my sweet girl Abdl mommy gets to have her fun with her sweet Adult baby!  What kind of fun you ask? Well First i am going to go run us bath with some bubbles and I will make sure to turn on the jets this time! Once we get into the tub I take and run my fingertips right down to you clitty and start rubbing nice and soft really feeling around on you then I take your head and place your mouth around my nipples and watch as you start to nurse you love sucking on your Abdl mommy’s huge breasts don’t you? Look at that smile I take and slowly move my hands down to your tight ass and slowly start taking my fingers in and out really making you feel good Now call mommy for some Abdl Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy! #abdlphonesex #notaboo #naughtyabdlmommy
April 25, 2017

Petticoats And Kisses Phone Sex

Oh.. My…My..My What a poofy petticoat you got on and super cute! I bet your Abdl mommy would be so proud about how your dress sticks out like a cute baby doll dress. little sweet pea! Come here lets check that sagging adult diaper of yours So I am going to lay you down and give you a quick little change that way you can be all clean and dry and don’t worry sweety I won’t forget your lots of baby powder! I wanna put so much its leaves little baby powder cloud as you walk and bounce about! now that your all changed lets fix the petticoat and french  braid that cute hair of yours. Now its time to slip on your cute wittle mary janes and go for picture outside. Once we go outside I grab my camera and have your twirl so i can see your pretty skirt spin. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex Tawny 888-430-2010 or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #abdlmommy #petticoatprincess #adultbaby
February 23, 2017

My Cute Diaperlover!

After a long work week of work I love coming home to my sweet diaper lover and  favorite diapers that I picked up from the store! I also ordered some new rubber pants just for him to wear! Tonight I might have something special planned for the both of us! I know how much  we both enjoy Diaper Sex, But I wanna give him a little something special! I know how much he enjoys force messing his adult diapers so I am going to lead him into the bathroom and pull down us diaper and gently place an enema nozzle into his bottom and fill him up and then place a but plug in After the plug is in I am going to grab him by the hand pull him over my lap and give him 10 hard spankings on his bottom to remind him who is in control! I stood him back up and he can still feel the sting from his freshly spanked bottom! Call me for some abdl phone sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #diaperlover #medicalplay #forcemessing
February 13, 2017

Sissy Baby Phone Sex

I love taking my little sissy slut and pulling down her little pissy panties from a fresh accident that she made so proudly, and bending her over my knee and taking a freshly polished hair brush and giving her some nice hard wacks! While she counts out loud with her sad wittle voice! But feeling her very tiny clitty getting nice and hard on my lap I an barely feel it poking onto my leg! If she starts to wiggle around  i give her nice hard smack right on the back of her upper thighs! She straightens right up! Heheehe. Then I grab my 9 inch black strap-on and have her spit all over it and I give her a nice taste of it before I stick it into her bottom nice and deep! I wanna make her feel what its like to fucked like a girl and I wanna make it hurt! And bring her to the brink of orgasm and just completely stop! Call me for some Abdl phone sex! Jenna 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex Mommy! #pissysissy #sissyslut #orgasmdenial