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March 31, 2016
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March 31, 2016
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My Sissy Loser Faggot Ty

Let me share the email I got from sissy loser Ty
Dear Ms Ava:
I wanted to tell you about the new office that I am working in.  There are lots of big strong men in it.  When I contacted you about this, you asked if I was crushing on them; then answer is YES.  Every day when I come to the office, all I can think about is how strong they are, and fantasize about them ordering me around and taking me over their knees and spanking me.  I want them not only to be my DADDY, and put me in pink diapers for everyone to see, but to be their sissy and slave. Everyone, including our secretary to know that I am a sissy faggot.  Last month I went to the bondage store that you had sent me previously- where they dressed me up in a pink tutu- and bought a slave collar with the word “SLAVE” on it.  I buttoned up my dress shirt over it and wore it to the office. I was so so so tempted to unbutton the top or next two buttons so that everyone could see that I was wearing a slave collar.  Every day I think about how I could come out to them so that I can be the office sissy and personal servant. I would not only do their work for them, and take dictation sitting on their knees, but kiss their feet and worship their bodies.  Maybe one of them would take me to a local tattoo parlor and get a tramp stamp with their name on my ass or shave my baby private parts and put the tramp stamp there or put a pink bow on my little cock.  Maybe they would give me a new feminine name, or just call me by real name so that I would be humiliated and shamed on a daily basis.  do you think everyone here already knows I am such a SISSY FAGGOT or should i come out to them in some way.  Can you advise me please?




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