Brattiness Part 1
June 11, 2016
Forced Diaper
June 12, 2016
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Transformation Part 1

So the other day this man shows up at my door for his appointment, as I saw him approach I opened up the door.  I led him up the stairs in my friend’s apartment and as soon as I had him in my play space, it was time to begin.  We opened up his My Little Pony Bag and took out all his cute little outfits and all the supplies he brought and I busied myself with putting them in their proper place.  Next he stood before me so I could I take him all in.  He had such fine blonde hair and was wearing shorts and a t-shirt looking all cute and starting to talk in the baby voice.  I turned to him and told him it was time to make Her little.  She lifted up her arms and I pulled off the t-shirt and set it aside.  Now I could see the pretty pink belt she was wearing on the olive green shorts and remarked how cute that she sneaks in bits of herself in regular everyday vanilla world.  I noticed her Plastic Panties peeking out of the top and had to see more so I undid the belt and took off the shorts to reveal these adorable Disney Princess plastic panties with cloth on the outside and ruffles on the butt.  I told her how adorable she was and asked if her diaper was wet and she told me yes Mommy in a cute Adult Baby Girl voice.  So I told her I was going to get her dressed into her pretty pink dress with diaper pins on the top and pretty knee high stockings and that I was going to make her hair all pretty and then we would change her since Baby Alyssa had a very wet diaper.  Wouldn’t you like to come see me?

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