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June 7, 2018
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Pimped Out By Mommy Crissy

Mommy is going to make sure you’re pimped out for all of my cuckold phone sex lovers. You’re going to be mommy’s little cock sucking bitch and offer free blow jobs to every single guy that comes over here. That’s the only thing sissy fags like you are good for. Is sucking cock. All kinds of cock. Big cocks, small cocks, black cocks, white cocks, young cocks, old cocks, you name it! Your pretty little lips are going to be wrapped around all sorts of strangers tools this valentines day and if I do decide to charge them for your slutty blow jobs you better believe you won’t see any penny of it! Mommy is going to keep all the cash to herself so her little cock sucking sissy fag phone sex whore can do all the work.



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