Double Trouble
December 13, 2015
Christmas Presents
December 13, 2015

I have noticed lately my older stepson watching me as I breast feed his half baby brother.  I know why too, he is fantasizing about being breast feed and even fucking me. See since I have married his father I have caught him wearing diapers and even started fucking around with a lot of his college buddies when hubby is away for work. I have no doubt he has heard all the stories about this, one of his friends has told me he asks a lot of questions about sex with me. So tonight I have a surprise for him. I can’t wait, it excites me just thinking about it now. His girlfriend is away this week as well as his dad, my hubby. When nightfall comes and baby is in the bed for night I am going to seduce my stepson finally. I have been waiting for the right time, and I can’t wait any longer. He will be breast feed tonight; his fantasies will all come true, just a few more hours….To be continued… Call Tawny for all you breast feeding desires anytime….(888) 430-2010


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