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January 11, 2016
My New Baby
January 17, 2016
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As I take the soft fresh smelling cloths out of the dryer I get a warm feeling come over me.  They are my adult baby’s cloth diapers I am folding; the fresh smell is from the dreft detergent that I have washed them in. I know my baby loves for me to put the thick cloth diaper on his butt and fasten it up gently with the cute little ducky diaper pens I bought for him. I pull out the warm Ab’s rubber pants last; the sound of the crinkle brings good memories to me. My little baby waddling down the hall to the bedroom to find me when it’s wet for a change.  I pick him up and then place him gently on the bed for a change, but not before I give him a nice snuggle. This is always a special time for us. His smile and giggles warm my heart. Call mommy Tawny for a cloth diaper change.

Tawny (888)430-2010


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