*New Specials*

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*New Specials*

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<center><b>*Phone A Mommy Specials*</B>

Get 5 FREE minutes with a 25 minute call when you call a girl from the PhoneAMommy chat room!!! (save $9.95!)

Buy 30 minutes and get a FREE 5 minute Bedtime story of your Mommies choice read to you!!! (save $9.95!)

Get a 30 minute 2 girl call for just 99.95 (save over $10.00!)

Buy 45 minutes and get 10 free minutes!!! (save over $20.00!)

Get an hour long call for just $99.95 (save over $20.00!)

Get a 2 hour call for only $219.95 (save over $22.00!)

All minutes must be used on one call!!! We do not give refunds for unused minutes!!!</center>