Stinky stinky

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Stinky stinky

Post by Victoria »

yes you those diapers you have on stink really bad need a nice clean diaper and a bath for sure heheheh


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Little Stinky Britches
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Post by Little Stinky Britches »

But "stinky" is how we like our diapers. :lol:

Of course, we can't go around in poopy diapers forever.... :roll:

.... so when it's time for a change'n, it's time to call Phone-A-Mommy! :D

Phew! Somebody needs a changing.
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Post by MommyGina »

LOL! It most certainly is...

I'm gonna guess that one of my punishments wouldn't work with you Marty - you see sometimes I make a naughty little one stand in the corner in a large wash basin until he has pooped his diaper so much that its trickling down his legs...

...I'm thinkin' that would be just fine with you, lol

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Re: Stinky stinky

Post by MommyJackie13 »

Even ABDL's who love their stinky diaper britches have a point at which it becomes punishment, I think ;) Try taking a naughty diapee boy out in public around cute girls and all of a sudden its "no Mommy please change me I'll be good!!" hehe
Dommy Scarlet
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Re: Stinky stinky

Post by Dommy Scarlet »

Someone made a stinky and it smells so very bad. I wonder what baby will be brave and bold enough to admit it to mommy without hiding behind his hands. If you don't tell mommy, very soon I will find out on my own exactly who did it.
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Re: Stinky stinky

Post by NannyBrenda »

Better check behind the couch or in the closet, Scarlet, babies like to hide themselves away when they make such a huge stink! Their nearly to embarrassed to do anything else.
I do love to put little naughty babies in their place!
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