Bare necessity!

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Bare necessity!

Post by Mommy*Tammy »

Bare sweet spot is absolutely a must! for both boys and girls... Mommy wants to see and feel that tender skin...
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Post by lilonenaughty »

Auntie Tammy,

I uses veet on dat sweet spot and bummy hole too!

Baby Alyssa
Mommy's Sweet & Naughty Baby Girl
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Post by DommyMommyAva »

I agree Tammy, Bare bottomed is the best!
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Post by Tawny »

I agree! It is the very best I lve playin with their sweet spots
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Re: Bare necessity!

Post by Baby-Erica »

I also use veet to be clean and smooth down there. Baby powder and such feel so much better bare then hairy.
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Re: Bare necessity!

Post by NannyRachel »

Soft and sleek, my skin is bare
Just like a flower, without a single hair
Veet has me feeling oh so divine
Every inch of me, baby smooth and fine
Run your fingers along my curves
And feel the softness that only Veet preserves
I am ready to be explored, in all my glory
So come and join me in this sensual story.
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