i had an accident...

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i had an accident...

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not even a half hour ago i was running home from my friends house, and i didnt get the urge to pee until i walked in the door, i ran up the stairs, got infront of my toilet, and peed myself, i didnt even realize i was peeing until it trickled down my leg and i didnt think it was SO much until i took my pants off, i completely had pissed myself, i cleaned up and slid one of my diapers on, ive been wearing them nightly and waking up dry, messing in them during the day. but im afraid that im beginning to become incontinent, im scared to go to school tomorrow.
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Re: i had an accident...

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If you are becoming incontinent, and it really seems like you are, then the best thing for you to do is to keep your diapers on. Permanently!
I do love to put little naughty babies in their place!
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