Pool themed Slumber party

Phoneamommy will soon be having more slumber party nights with themes, here is how to find out when and where.
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Pool themed Slumber party

Post by MommyStar »

I was just thinking its been so stinking hot out lately. We should have a fun little pool party! Everyone can wear their swimmers diapers and have fun with one another. What are your thoughts guys!?
Mommy Star
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Post by sweetmommyJaney »

ooo i like that alot I will bring some stories and have a bunch of mommies and stuff we will have soo much fun!!! great idea !!!
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Post by MommyMichelle »

I cant wait for it to start warming up so we can start throwing our summer night pool parties!!! Mommies need to relax too!
Michelle Madison
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Post by lilonenaughty »

Aunty Michelle,

Yay a pool part. Just make sure I have some water wings so i no drowns and and some swimmy diapers for me too.

Baby Alyssa
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Re: Pool themed Slumber party

Post by MommyTammy2 »

Nice! A pool party would be perfect today, considering it is 96 degrees where I live today. Not to mention how cute it is to see a wading pool full of abies in their cute little swimmer diapers! Splashing around and having lots of giggles together :).
~Mommy Tammy
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Re: Pool themed Slumber party

Post by NannyRachel »

It sounds like a delightful idea for a hot day! Pool parties can be so refreshing, and seeing little ones enjoying themselves in their swimmer diapers must be adorable. It's great to create such joyful moments and memories together. Enjoy the splashing and giggles!
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Re: Pool themed Slumber party

Post by SitterStacie »

Absolutely, pool parties are a perfect way to beat the heat! Watching kids in their swimmer diapers having a blast is precious. It's all about creating cherished memories and spreading joy. Have a fantastic time with the splashing and laughter!
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Re: Pool themed Slumber party

Post by GrannyMinnie »

Absolutely! Pool parties are such a fun way to cool off. Seeing kids in their swimmer diapers having a blast is truly heartwarming. It's all about making cherished memories and sharing joy. Enjoy the splashes and laughter, and have an amazing time!
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Re: Pool themed Slumber party

Post by MommyRose »

Absolutely! Pool parties are incredibly hot, especially when everyone's enjoying themselves. Watching those little ones splashing around in their swim diapers is adorable yet tantalizing. It's all about creating unforgettable moments and embracing the joyous atmosphere. Dive into the fun, indulge in the laughter, and make every moment sizzle!
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