Incorrect use of the word 'pedophilia'

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Incorrect use of the word 'pedophilia'

Post by Clockwise »

The disclaimer on your splash page says that AB/DL has "nothing to do with pedophilia or any other immoral, violent act." But paedophilia is a sexual orientation focused on children, not an act:
Although the terms are often used interchangeably, a distinction must be made between “sex offender against a minor” and “pedophile.” The former refers to a criminal sexual behavior and the latter to an anomalous sexual preference. Many pedophiles never act on their impulses.
~ Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield, in Coping With Psychiatric and Psychological Testimony (Institute for Psychological Therapies)
Terms such as ‘child sexual abuse’, ‘incest’, ‘child molestation’ and ‘pederasty’ are not equivalent to pedophilia. Terms that denote sex with minors are criminal actions; pedophilia is the sexual attraction to children. Not all who sexually abuse minors are pedophilic. For example, some who sexually abuse minors may opportunistically select minors simply because they are available. Sex with a minor is not, ipso facto a determination of pedophilia. Also, not all individuals who fulfill the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia actually abuse children.
~ Peter Fagan, et al., in Pedophilia (Journal of the American Medical Association)

I suggest you correct your terminology so as not to further the demonization of a large group of innocent people.
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Post by Glen »

Clockwise.. I see your point.. but....

I feel it is necessary to look at the word in it current societal use and how people perceive it. Just because it is used clinically to describe a particular thing doesnt mean that is how people view it in day to day use.

The point that sites like this are making when stating such things is that children are not involved at all. For the people involved it is more a elaborate roleplay where either they or another adult see themselves as a child (in the case of AB's) and I think it is necessary to make this distinction in the simplest manner possible.. in one which most people understand so as not to suffer any misconceptions.

As for demonization of a 'large' group of people I dont think that this site does that at all. I would bet that those people who belong to said 'large group' dont use the word pedophile in relation to themselves as such , much like how many adult babies dont even relate to the title infantilism which also conjures negative images. That is because the use of these words in a day to day basis is exactly what they seem. Negative words.

The fact that those words may have once meant something different to what they are used as now doesnt change that in trying to get their point across. It is the best and most suitable word to use.

just my two cents..
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Post by Lexus »

Here Here Glen
Hit the nail on the head in my opinion :)
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