Contests and fun games to win additional minutes to a call?

Do you have an idea that you would like to share with Mommy Maddy? Would you like to see us do something that you think would benefit all of us? Go ahead tell us your brilliant idea!
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Contests and fun games to win additional minutes to a call?

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Hey there I think it would be fun if phone a mommy had like once a week a game or trivia night where in the chatroom, they have a fun game to play answering questions to win some free minutes on a call or something like that? Is that a possibility?

Baby Cammie
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Post by MommyLauren »

I think that Mommies do occasionally offer free minutes, I often see post from Mommies stating such in their blogs. I have also seen contest by individual Mommies as well. As far as contest for the site I think it has been thought of but hasnt happened yet, I think there might be details that need to be worked out so that everyone is willing to particiapte and benefit from it. I will ask in our next meeting.
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That's a great idea cam. What sort of games can we play other than trivia? guess whose wearing that diaper would be fun don't you think? All the babies could submit pics of themselves in diapers (you don't hafta show your face or upper body) and the mommies could vote on the cutest baby. what do you think?
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