pissed on the carpet

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pissed on the carpet

Post by Mommy-Sabrina »

I'm so mad!! I just shampooed the carpets lastnight and what do you do? take your diaper off and piss on my clean carpet like a fucking dog.. what the hell!! why on earth would you do such a thing? now mommy has to punish you.
mommy Sabrina
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Post by lilonenaughty »

Cause you wasn't givin enough attentions!

Baby Alyssa
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Re: pissed on the carpet

Post by Tawny »

i would blister that bottom and lock her in diaper for a month
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Re: pissed on the carpet

Post by Baby-Erica »

Mommy my diaper was too tight so I tried to loosen it and it ripped. I had to pee and it landed on the carpet. It isn't my fault. Don't punish me as I didn't put my diaper on too tight, YOU DID!
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