Maddy, I have an idea about SPAM

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Maddy, I have an idea about SPAM

Post by babymarty »

When I loged on this morning, there were 3 more SPAM postings, and it got me to thinking....

In order to post their spam, these guys have to first join, which is not hard to do, and within a minute, they are posting. In fact, I have noticed that ever since we have hit the 200 mark for membership, and now around 283, at least, 60 to 70 of those "members" are SPAMERS.

Here is an idea to stop this. :idea:

Re-configure the web site, so that people who want to join, first have to fill out an applaction form, which would ask questions like...

How did you find out about this site?

How long have you been wearing diapers?

What do you love most about diapers?

Have you ever talked with one of our beautiful mommies?

Then you, (or someone else, like a moderator) reviews the submited form, and if it looks like it is from a real adult baby, or mommy (as opposed to another SPAMER) then it is approved, and the person can begin posting on the forums.

I don't think any of these SPAMERS would go to all that trouble to join and post on the forums...... but a baby would! :D

Most AB's, when they see this site, and all the pretty mommies, would gladly answer all those questions, and wait a few days before posting, just to get a chance to talk with the mommies on the forums.

It's just an idea, however it's not my idea, I have actually seen other AB sites do this. One of them, and "AB furry" site (which combines diapers and stuffed toys) was attacked and disabled by hackers TWICE, so the owner, before letting anyone on to the site, required the person wanting to join, to email him with answers to questions he had posted. To my knowlege, he has never been attacked or SPAMED since he started doing that.

Well, anyways, I just thought I'd pass that along. :D

You are doing a great job Maddy! :D

I love you, and I love this site! :D
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Post by DommyMommyScarlet »

This is a great idea baby Marty. It would make it more difficult for soem but I think they will apprecaite the difference it would make.

Post by Crissy »

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