a movie and book review corner?

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a movie and book review corner?

Post by Glen »

Hello mommies,

I was wondering if we could a have a movie- book- music review corner where one could write a review on something they may have watched/listened/read recently or even write up a recommendation on their favourite movies/books/music.

I have to say I would be very interested in the different views and discussions that could eventuate. After talking in the chat room I have found that we all have a variety of tastes with our music and movies, but more often than not, when i go find a movie/music/book that has been recommended, I thoroughly enjoy it aswell.

Anyway.. just an idea.

Baby Glen
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Post by DommyMommyScarlet »

That's a good suggestion Glen. I am sure Mommy Maddy will be over here and see it soon. I also like to hear other's view of things.
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Post by Lexus »

That's a good ide, Glen. I haven't been in the chatroom much so I don't know everyone here very well but I know from experience that there is so much more to adult babies and diaper lovers than their fetishes. I look forward to getting to know everyone some more @~~

Mommy Lexus
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