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<center> Hello there friends. I am sorry I haven't been to active in the boards these last few weeks, I have had a little bit of trouble with some business issues. I am making a page for all of you to go to and it will be put up soon. it is a page that will have a audio of me reading to you some things that are happening in the company so you understand where we stand and who we are. I will send you the link to this page in a couple days. We are having problems with another company saying they are us. We are the one and Only Phone A Mommy. Any other URL or name that is similar to us is NOT us! They have bought out our advertising that we have had for a long time and they made a banner that made them look like us so our customers would think they are a new site we made. They are not us and nothing they make or list will ever be us. There URL is very similar to ours so they can attract our customers but I want to tell you all now so you know that they are not us. The only reason this has been such a big deal to me is a lot of ab/dl have called them thinking there us and are complaining because they are a phone sex site and not really ab/dl like we are. I am getting loads of emails that say they called and they are not into sex so I asked them what the number was and it was there’s. I am actually in the middle of a rock and a hard spot because I can't do anything but warn my friends about this.

I have worked so hard for my reputation and to have it all slide down a hill because of comments like,"Why did she tell me diapers are not sexy?" is just absurd!!!! We would never say anything like that being we are AB/DL's ourselves! We have a site based just on ab/dl and as long as I have known I have never even heard of any sort of complaint in this nature let alone someone thinking we would do it. I have sent all of the complaints the numbers and sites showing them that they are a totally different company who is mocking our image, but I am sick just knowing there could have been a ab/dl who had there first experience like this and will never feel the same about there newfound lifestyle again.

I am a loving, but dominant mommy and for once I am not sure what to do to show everyone this before they make that call. I am going to try to post in forums and warn others, but I am not sure it will reach some of the people out there that don't browse forums that often. This company is even going to places we post and saying they are a guy and that they have done a call with us and it was horrible. Anything to make our clients go there way for quick money and that is not right. I have worked so hard to not just make a site, but to make Phone A Mommy what it is today with our customers. They have bought out our advertising and replaced it with a banner of there’s so our customers are thinking it's a new banner of ours.

I am grateful that my loyal customers & Friends have been calling me and telling me about all this and would never stray once they found out what was happening, but I am concerned for our friends and community that don't call us and really just like to visit with us. I don't want our friends or community to be affected by this and I will do whatever I have to, to protect it. I know this was very long, but I have to get this off my chest. It's so hard to find real people and friends and I know those of you on here that contribute to our board and events are truly real people because of the time you put into just this board. I will update you on what is going on and everything that is happening, but I will be out there for the next couple of days posting this around the forums. If you know of any forums that you might have seen them on saying they were us or if you know of any good forums that people will hear my message please tell me. You can post them anywhere on this board and I will see them cause I read it everyday. Thank you friends and I know this will pass because honesty always prevails!
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