A Gold Star for Little Boy Nate
March 29, 2008
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March 30, 2008
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A Day of Shopping with Nanny Rachel

I bet you dream of the day that your beautiful nanny will get you all ready for a nice day of shopping. I would dress you up in the prettiest pink dress that a baby could dream of, put a pretty bow in your hair, and put the cutest little Mary Jane shoes on you..along with socks with little little ruffles on them. I don’t miss a detail! Most importantly, we can’t forget that extra thick diaper you’d be wearing for our big day of shopping…it would be decorated with little teddie bears and pink blocks for a little girl.

 I would have you looking so cute for all the people we’d see at the mall! I’d be so excited to put you in the stroller and show you off to everyone. My pretty little girl, we are going to have a very special nanny-baby day of shopping.

I might let you come in the dressing room and watch while I try on some pretty clothes for myself…and then I’ll take you shopping to all the nice baby boutiques and I’ll take you in the dressing room just like a good nanny would…and help you try on all those pretty outfits. We’d be sure to come out and show the sales clerks in the boutique. I’m sure they would gasp when they would see how adorable you look.

There is so much we could do in a day of shopping…


Nanny Rachel

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