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February 27, 2008
Medical Domination
February 28, 2008
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a different kind of slave

   76.jpg  I wrote over on my personal blog about my caller with the hair fetish. We got to speak to one another again. It was a different type of call than we had last time though. He was a hairdresser that after he trimmed my hair would sweep it up and save it. Eventually I caught on and confronted him. When I did my dommie side kicked in and I told him I was going to make him my hair slave. His job would be washing, trimming, braiding and taking care of anything related to my hair. Of course I loved the twist in this call.
      Off of the phones my life has not been nearly as exciting. It’s just been cold and snowy here. There’s a bdsm toy fair this weekend that I might try and sneak off to. I have not been to one in too long. It’s not that I ‘need’ any new toys, it’s just that I want to look, promise J
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