October 18, 2015
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October 24, 2015
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A Little Prince

My adult babies have many different likes and dislikes. They all may be into the same abdl kink but they are still as unique a snowflakes. One I had in my care for a while I always referred to as my little prince. This man was wealthy and powerful but he felt as though he missed out on so much of his childhood. He liked to experiment with different ages. Sometimes he’s want to be an infant and sometimes a six or seven year old lad. No matter his regressed age his eyes always held that edge of power.
He didn’t stand for any humiliation or teasing. I was but one in a long line of mommies that he had been through. We had several good sessions before I called it off.
I simply love those who know what age they want to play and the little prince was but a mixed up man who longed to relive what he felt he missed. He didn’t seem to truly enjoy wearing diapers, being changed, dressed or breastfed. I feel quite sorry for him often. He isn’t like the rest of my adult babies- they know who they are and what they want.

If you are interested in this life and believe you will enjoy it then feel free to give me a call.

-Mommy Lizabeth

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