Unruly Little Abies
December 13, 2007
Hello, how are all the babies?
December 17, 2007
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A very special call


I’ve had a great time chatting and playing with all the wonderful little ones in the nursery this week… there is so much positive energy and love in the room it just fills me with joy to be part of it all.

I also had a very special call Tuesday evening. Little Cameron was celebrating his birthday, and called Mommy to give him birthday spankings. It was fun to bend him over Mommy’s knee and count out the swats commemorating another year, and sharing special bonding time with a baby Mommy loves dearly.  The time was also spent giving a few firm spanks to his little bottom, correcting him for some impish ways and misbehavior… I want the best for all of my babies, and will always care for you with love.

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