Tawny’s Diaper Diary 2
October 31, 2015
Pretty Sissy Panties
November 1, 2015
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ABDL Breast Feeding

I have the sweetest little abbie who loves to call me for some adult bady phone sex. He was so hungry today that he climbed up right into mommy’s lap and pulled my breast right out of my nightgown. He was such an eager hungry abbie as his little lips closed around mommy’s nipple and began to suckle. He was such a sweet little abdl boy. Then his little pee pee inside his diaper decided to get hard for his mommy. Aww is little abbies pee pee nice and hard for me? Mommy is going to slide her hand inside that diaper and play with it! You’re so excited for your mommy aren’t you? Mommy is going to make that little pee pee squirt in that diaper! Another little squirtie in his little diapey for mommy to clean. That diaper will be so soaked by the time mommy is through with you! Mommy loves using you for abdl phone sex
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