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April 1, 2018
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April 1, 2018
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ABDL Diaper Changes

Who needs their ABDL diaper changed! You need an abdl phone sex mommy to change your diaper don’t you? I wanna be the abdl mommy for you. I love changing adult diapers. Especially when I put my adult babies up in their changing table and I have their little hineys up in the air as I slide a fresh new crisp diaper right underneath their little bottom. Then don’t get me started on the baby powder! I love putting baby powder on their little bottoms and watching them squirm and giggle as mommy cleans them! Sometimes I’ll even put some diaper cream on them like desetin because it helps when it comes to diaper rashes! Prevention is the first step in making sure no abdl has to deal with diaper rashes! Also making sure to have your mommy change your abdl diaper often helps prevent diaper rashes during adult baby phone sex
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