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September 28, 2016
Babysitter Phone Sex
October 1, 2016


Well hello there my little cutie. It’s time for your adult baby phone sex check up and physical! Mommy is taking you to the doctor today to make sure everything down there is working properly! This may even be the day you graduate to wearing pull ups if the doctor agrees that you’re ready! C’mon let’s go and get ready and pack your diaper bag so we can make it to our appointment! Aww the doctor will be so happy to see you! That’s of course if you can keep your diaper dry long enough till we get there! What’s that? You already made a messy in your diaper? Oh no! Maybe you shouldn’t be switched to pull ups because you’re still acting like a big adult baby! Well let’s see what the doctor has to say about your diaper lover phone sex fetish.



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