Time For Diapers
September 9, 2013
Sissy Slut
October 14, 2013


I love the soft crinkly feeling of my adult baby diaper against my legs. It makes me giggle every time I have to go number one. I love to just sit in it, and make a big huge mess hehe (: Sometimes after I’ve wet myself I’ll slide my hand into my  adult diaper and start to do other things too. It gets me excited to think about you wetting your adult diaper with me. Then after making a big mess we both get to make a number three. I hope you know what that is. If not I’ll just have to show you won’t I? Let’s just say that we will be making an ever bigger mess before we get to get changed. So are you an aby (adult baby)? Do you need someone to have some adult baby diaper phone fun with? Well I’m your girl then honey. Grab a diaper, or two, or three! Doesn’t matter to me!



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