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November 22, 2015
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November 23, 2015
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ABDL Playmate

In the world of abdl phone sex everybody needs a loving Mommy. But wouldn’t you be a much happier adult baby if you had a playmate all to yourself? To have your very own abdl playmate would mean twice the fun! So my question to you is if you could have anyone in the world real or fictional to be an abdl just like you, who would you choose? I personally think that as a Mommy I have a few favorite choices when it comes to turning someone into an abdl. One of my favorite choices to diaper and mommy would have to be Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Could you imagine that big goofy hunk in nothing but a diaper and a binkie with a little bonnet wrapped around his head? I think he would look absolutely adorable. Another choice would have to be Daryl Dixon from the walking dead. Could you imagine that country badboy in nothing but a diaper? He would make the perfect abdl. So who would you decide to choose to be your abdl playmate? You can choose anyone you want to experience the wonders of adult baby phone sex.




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