Fall Is Here
September 23, 2016
What A Silly Girl
September 23, 2016


Well good morning my little adult bed wetter! Are you ready for some diaper punishment phone sex fun? Well you better be because today is going to be your first day back in diapers! Mommy is so sick and tired of having to wash your sheets over and over again time after time because you couldn’t hold your bladder or wake yourself up to go potty! You try to be slick and sneak and cover it up by wadding your sheets into a little ball and mixing them in your hamper with your other clothes so they go unnoticed but you forgot about one thing mister. The smell. Mommy can smell that pee pee smell from a mile away and it’s no coincidence it always comes from your hamper. So get ready because Mommy is making you into a full time diaper phone sex lover now.



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