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March 13, 2017
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March 14, 2017
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Adult Baby Wetting Accident

Look at you why are you wearing that skirt? “Well, mommy I had an accident at school and everyone laughed at me and the cheerleaders put me in this skirt and said I had to walk home like this.” Haha you see what I mean honey If you continue to have accidents then people will find out and this is what happens! So you know what I like their thinking I think that you deserve to have to dress this way and do you remember the last time you had an accident what I told you was going to happen. That right I am going to force you into an Adult diaper and some locking plastic panties and that is how you will go to school! And I will have someone change you at the school so tomorrow when I go to drop you off I will go in with you and talk to your teacher about changing you like an adult baby! Call me for some Abdl phone Sex!



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