Two Mommy Phone Sex!
April 29, 2017
Taking My Adult Baby To Build A Bear Part 2
May 2, 2017

Look your abdl mommy had rented a cabin just for my sweet adult baby girl I also have invited some of your friends to come along as well so instead of one sweet girl there will be 3. Just remember that I am in charge and make sure i send naughty girls to the corner if you’re naughty. So now let’s get you a pretty outfit out of your closet and lay you down to put on your a nice and clean adult diaper. I am finished changing your diaper and getting you dressed now we go and i sit you down in your beauty chair so mommy can fix your pretty hair. I think I am going to give you some pigtail braids and make you look super cute! Now let’s go get everything to the car so we can go meet our friends! And make some spaghetti for dinner! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex



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