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February 25, 2008
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February 25, 2008
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Almost Spring

candy1.jpg  How do you like my bathing suit? I love it!  When I get tan from going to the beach it really shows off my skin.  I always think about how much fun it would be to take you all there with me.  I can just see it, me with about 50 or so abies, boys, girls, and sissies.  Can you just see in your mind the type of looks we would get? But who cares, really.  We would be having fun, splashing around in the water, playing in the sand.  Of course, I would have to take a few helpers, otherwise I would spend the whole time changing diapers.  Every time I go to the beach I think of you all, and can almost see you there with me.  You all have a great day, and if you have a chance, imagine the warm sun, the sound of people laughing, water caressing the sand, and me, on a blanket with my arms open waiting to wrap you in a beach towel.

Mommy Candy

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