What I Love About Sissy Babies!
September 15, 2016
Oh My, What A Mess You Made!
September 19, 2016


Are you ready for some sissy baby phone sex? Mommy sure is! Today is a special day because mommy is taking you to babies R US to get you all new pampers and those rubber and plastic panties you love that have the ruffles on the legs that are perfect for a sissy baby phone sex outfit and trust me you’re going to need it! I’m also going to double diaper my sissy baby phone sex slut ! Yes that’s right we’re getting you cloth diapers and disposable diapers for my little sissy phone sex slut. Which do you want to go on first? Your cloth diaper or your disposable ? Well whichever you decide to go on you first we still need to put those plastic panties on your sissy slut phone sex bottom so you can look cute for Mommy!



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