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June 4, 2017
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August 12, 2017
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Ava Loves Balloon Play

I love balloons. They’re so big bright and colorful. I guess you could say I love them a bit too much. That’s right I’m a balloon play phone sex lover. I love to buy all sorts of balloons and blow them up bigger and bigger and bigger until they finally can’t take the pressure anymore and they finally go POP! Oh the sound is so exhilarating it makes my clit throb and my pussy wet every time I get to pop a big colorful balloon. I even like to blow them up and tie them off at the bottom so i can rub them all over my nice big tits and rub them up against my wet needy pussy lips. Mmm I want to take your cock and suck and blow on it just like a balloon and see if I can get it to pop and cum for me with some balloon fetish phone sex!



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