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April 24, 2008
Mommy’s Sissy
April 24, 2008
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Every year Ms. Ava’s 5th grade class picks one of her students as bad boy of the year. This year it was Billy McGregor. Being chosen bad boy of the year had no prize or ribbon awarded; on the contrary….the bad boy of the year would be forced into wearing tight light blue shorts and a tight matching T shirt. While wearing this outfit he would be forced into serving a 5 course luncheon in the teachers lounge for the staff of 20 teachers. What’s so hard about that you’re thinking? Ms. Ava on the day of the luncheon would force the nominated bad boy to drink 10 cups of water. On the day of the luncheon Billy had not been allowed to take any bathroom breaks and was already feeling full. Dressed in his too tight shorts and t shirt he walked into the hall where he saw 20 of the schools teachers sitting banquet style in a semi circle.
(to be continued)

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