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November 15, 2015
Pegging Bitch Chapter One
November 15, 2015
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Bad Boys Get Punished

I see you in my closet, peeking out at me, trying to be quiet as you stare at me getting changed.  Mommy does not like it when little boys try to sneak and hide.  I go over and open the door and am shocked to find you holding my bras and my panties.  And then I look at you and see that you’re wearing one of my most expensive sets.  “Oh, so little boys want to dress like girls do they?  Well let’s go,” I say as I pull you out of the closet.  I lay you down and take off my bra and panties that cover your body.  I go over to the chest and pull out a diaper, a ruffle diaper cover and a sweet pink polka dot dress.  Ruffly socks and patent leather mary janes follow.  I go over to you, despite your protests, and being to work.  I put the diaper on you, ensuring a snug fit, then the pretty cover.  Next the socks and shoes and finally the beautiful, short dress.  “There, you want to dress in girl’s clothes you’re going to be a sissy baby from now on.”

I absolutely love forced sissification abdl phone sex.





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