Abdl Sitter Sex Talk Part 1
April 18, 2018
Mommy’s Sissy Surprise Pt 1
April 20, 2018

Come on my sweet little boy, it’s time for your bath before bedtime. Mommy needs to make sure her abdl boy gets all nice and clean. I will take special care of you after your bath, but only if you can be a very good ABDL boy for Mommy. The bath is filled with warm water and bubbles and I slide your diaper off to slip you in to the bath. Oh goodness, you were very wet, but we will get you in a nice clean diaper after bath time. I have you favorite dinosaur PJs already picked out and your adult baby diaper, wipes, powder and cream are on the changing table.  Now its time to get out of the bath and have some special time with Mommy. I know how much you have been thinking about this all day and how naughty my adult baby boy can be. Ready for bath time and ABDL Phone Sex ?

Mommy Liz


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