BBQ Fun… Part 1
September 3, 2023
Some Exciting Public Humiliation!
September 6, 2023

As we head towards the registers to pay, mommy notices we have a little bit of an audience.  Looks like someone just got watched getting their diaper changed.  Everyone is smiling, a few are laughing and teasing you about being a little stinker.

Mommy laughs as you blush a cute shade of pink.  Time to get home cutie, so mommy can get every thing set up and ready for the Labor Day party.  Now that you have a fresh diaper, let’s get moving.  Mommy puts everything up onto the conveyor belt and we get it all paid for and head out to the car.

Mommy puts you in your seat and pops your paci into your mouth.  Then mommy loads all the bags of groceries and we head home.  Once home mommy sees you have fallen asleep on the ride, so mommy leaves you in your seat and unloads the car, taking the groceries inside the house.

Then mommy comes back out and unbuckles you and picks you up, putting you on mommy’s hip, your little head resting against mommy’s shoulder.  Mommy grabs the diaper bag in her other hand and heads inside.  Mommy lays you down in your playpen, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

Mommy needs to get everything put away and get started on what needs to be done for this afternoon.  Mommy makes up the potato salad and cheese trays.  All the meats are ready for when the bbq gets lit.  Mommy sets up the coolers of ice with all the drinks.

Then mommy checks on you real quick before heading into the yard, mommy leaves the door open with just the screen door closed so mommy can hear you when you wake up.  it’s so nice out, that mommy sets up the sprinklers and puts out some water toys for everyone to enjoy.

Lots of fun to be had by all the kiddos and adults.  There will be lots of little ones waddling and running around.  Mommy goes inside and gets your swimmers and mommy’s bathing suit ready for us to change into before everyone starts arriving.

Mommy walks into the living room just in time to see you sit up and smile at mommy.  Mommy reaches in a picks you up, oh oh someone has a very squishy diaper.  Mommy takes you over to the changing table and lays you down.  Mommy unsnaps your onesie and pulls it off of you.

Time to get you into your special diaper for playing in the water.  Mommy spreads your legs and bends your knees, undoing the tabs of your pissy pamper.  Mommy lifts your legs into the air and pulls your soggy diaper out from under your little butt.

Mommy cleans you up and dabs some butt paste on you before sliding your swimmer diaper on.  As you crawl around mommy changes and picks you up just as the doorbell rings and our guests start to arrive.  We all head to the backyard to have a fun filled day!

Mommy Candy




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