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January 26, 2008
Candy Land
January 28, 2008

I had a call the other day with Scarlet. I was a baby girl. It was pretty interesting because I don’t get to be a baby girl that often. I had accidently listened to a hypnosis CD that Scarlet had been using to Hypno her husband into being a Sissy when he was bad lol. So there I am, helping her with her hubby is in full blown sissy baby mode, when she says ‘diapertime’ and all of a sudden I’m cooing and giggling (shut up Rash, and Mikey lol) and getting my diaper changed, and then the topper, I had to breast feed! So I’m sucking away on the ole milk lever and Scarlet is being so sweet to me, and Sissy Hubby is over in his crib making baby noises also. It was Sooooooooo much fun. So see, I can be sweet, I’m not always mean *smiles*

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