Nursery update
December 19, 2007
need a listening ear?
December 20, 2007


The phone rang and I paused the dvd just as Batman and Catwoman encountered one another in “Batman Returns”. Who should it be on the phone but Katie-Kat’s nemisis Boy Wonder! He stood strong for truth, justice and the American way, but what good American boy can resist the feminine wiles and sultry seductive charms of a beautiful alluring girl like me?! “Batman said… Batman warned me…” Silly silly boy… what Batman obviously didn’t tell him is that my older counterpart Catwoman is the Caped Crusader’s most enduring love interest! *wicked giggles* I won’t divulge all of my secrets, but I will say that my adversary was purring like a little kitten when I was finished with him. Give me a call for your own tantalizing adventures.

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