Babysitter Phone Sex
October 1, 2016
Pizza for Dinner
October 3, 2016



Is my little ABDL baby boy hungry for Mommy Candy’s juicy, creamy titty milk. Well come over here baby and sit in Mommy Candy’s lap. Let me just pull my firm breast out of my tight shirt and…oohhh you suck that milk baby. Doesn’t that taste so nice. It fills you up so good my sexy little baby boy. I’m so glad you love this Mommy’s warm delicious milk. Keep suckling little one, I love being your Mommy and you milking my large tits. They’re so full of milk for you baby! Just keep suckling, as I pet your hair and you gently doze off into sleepyland. Have nice dreams my little sexy baby boy. I love it when you suck Mommy Candy’s titty until your belly is nice and full of my warm, filling breast milk. Call me now to have a fun, sexy breastfeeding session with your ABDL Mommy Candy.




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